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Hackers, Computer Security and the Ease of Technology for Real Estate in California...

This will be direct and to the point:

This ensures you are TALKING TO THE PEOPLE involved face to face. Having all the information for the wire all in front of you. DO NOT do it from home from an email you have seen.

How can someone hack or misguide you? Easy! Someone can download the disclosures. Anyone can ask, the agent will not speak with me and I can download the documents.

I will speak to an agent before asking for information, but this can be done by anyone and use my information that is public. Also, the hacker can see who the escrow officer is as well as the title company. Now, they can call at night, get the voicemail box of the escrow officer, then with AI software, mimic the voice to leave a message on your phone number voicemail with a different account to wire to. Yes, the push for AI and everything electronic has made things easier.

Old tech works best. Make a phone call, go into the office, meet in person and verify before sending $800k cash. Don't do it from home, or office or anywhere on a public wifi! Your emails may and can be harvested already.

Because California is the number one target for hackers of real estate transactions, think before you do any action. Verify by voice. Technology has made people use, trust and commit transactions by a touch rather than voice voice and in person. Go back to old ways.

As one of the suggestions, wire $1k first. Then verify with the escrow title company. If they said they received it, then repeat the wire again with the rest of the money. If it's incorrect, you lost $1k, not $200k, or $800k, etc. If correct, then the only loss is an extra wire charge. But this way, you have insured you sent it to the correct account.
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